[Can crabs be eaten during lactation?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

[Can crabs be eaten during lactation?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

Crabs are a very popular type of seafood. In China, there are many famous crabs, some hairy crabs from Gaoyou Lake and hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake. These crabs attract many people every year. Crab crabs even taste delicious, and theirThe nutritional value is very high. Crab eating has a good tonic effect, especially suitable for those who are weak, so can women who are breastfeeding eat crabs?

Can I eat crabs during lactation?

Crab paste is fat and beautiful, and fresh and juicy crab crabs make many people drool, especially crab loyalty powder, which is definitely a tabletop dish that can’t be missed.

However, for lactating mothers, there are many rumors that crabs that cannot be eaten during lactation are one of them. So, can you really not eat crabs during lactation?

Are there any caveats when eating?

Can crabs be eaten during lactation? Crabs are something you cannot eat during lactation?

In fact, breastfeeding mothers can eat crabs, but they must be small and not eat more.

Because crabs are cold and contain a variety of proteins and purine bases, eating more will cause the baby’s skin to be allergic to the risk of exacerbating eczema, diarrhea, and even causing the baby’s own immune system diseases.

In addition, crabs are susceptible to parasites and viruses or heavy metal lead. Breastfeeding mothers should carefully absorb crabs.

Precautions for eating crabs during lactation ①, eat less crabs: mothers during lactation can eat no more than 100 grams of crabs at a time.

② Crabs should be fresh: When crabs are dying, they will secrete a toxic substance, histamine, which will accumulate through the death.

And after the death of crab meat will also quickly spoil, and breed other bacteria.

So crabs must eat fresh.

③ Don’t cook raw foods: Although crabs are eaten with drunk crabs, due to water quality problems, crabs often breed a lot of bacteria in their bodies, so crabs must be cooked and not eaten raw.

The crab must be cooked and steamed thoroughly, sterilized at high temperature to make the crab shell red, and then eat it.

④, crabs can only eat meat, cream, yellow: Because crabs feed on phytoplankton in rivers and lakes and like to crawl in the sand and rocks, the gills and intestines of crabs are rich in sediment.Always remove it.

⑤ Eat foods that are not easy to eat with crabs: Eat crabs with foods such as celery, persimmon, pear, orange, pomegranate, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peanut, sweet potato, honey, rabbit meat, etc.

⑥ It is not recommended to drink tea or cold drinks within 1 hour after eating crabs.

If you accidentally eat too many crabs at one time and experience nausea and vomiting, you should stop breastfeeding immediately and go to the hospital for treatment.