[Do you eat milk after eating oatmeal]

[Do you eat milk after eating oatmeal]

All mothers undergo a lactation process because after the baby is born, the baby needs to be breastfed.

Of course, if there is no milk mother can choose milk powder is acceptable.

But breastfeeding can make babies have a strong body and higher immunity.

Babies can quit breastfeeding after they are one year old, and women will try many ways to quit.

So will eating cereal return milk!

Does eating oatmeal return milk? Returning milk has a lot to do with food. When you return to milk, eating some returning milk can make it easier.

What’s faster to eat?

Common return milk foods include barley tea, hawthorn, leek, bitter gourd and so on.

However, the specific effect of returning milk may vary from person to person, and some mothers may perform well, and some mothers may experience a general effect. This is normal.

There are two types of malt, malt and cooked malt. Raw malt is milked, fried malt or malt is boiled in water, and wheat flour and oatmeal are used for milking. If your mom is in the weaning period, you can try oatmealmilk.

The nutritional value of oatmeal is quite high.

You can buy the raw oatmeal in bulk, which is not fast-cooked, and the oatmeal you cook will taste very good.

What to eat back to milk 1, vegetables: leek, celery, winter mushrooms, white radish, chives, Chinese cabbage, purslane, beans, cucumber, bitter gourd, eggplant and so on.

2. Grains and cereals: sweet potatoes, corn, malt, etc.

3. Fruits: grapefruit, orange, sand fruit, pomegranate, hawthorn, plum, persimmon, etc.

4. Meat and liver: beef, pork liver, duck meat, pork heart, old hen, ham, etc.

5. Aniseed: fennel, salt (not too salty), vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, pepper, mustard, etc.

6, aquatic life and supplements: field snails, snails, cold foods (such as crabs), sea cucumber, American ginseng, ginseng, etc.

In addition, beer, tea, barley tea, Huoxiangzhengqi water, etc. may also have certain benefits for returning milk. Moms can consume it according to everyone’s physical condition.