[Do not bake brown sugar cakes]_ not batter _ making method

[Do not bake brown sugar cakes]_ not batter _ making method

People who love to eat cakes often feel particularly delicious whether they are baking cakes or dead cakes.

However, some people may not have good teeth, or their stomachs are weak, they may be more inclined to love the dough, and those who do not have these physical problems may prefer to eat the dead dough.

We know that brown sugar cakes are made with batter noodles and dead noodles. They taste sweet and savory, and the methods are very simple.

First, the effect of brown sugar1.

The glucose contained in brown sugar releases energy quickly and can replenish energy quickly.

Children with malnutrition can add brown sugar water on weekdays.


The elderly can eat some brown sugar in moderation to disperse blood stasis and promote blood circulation.


Eating brown sugar during menstruation can relieve menstrual pain and have the effect of nourishing blood.

Eating brown sugar after pregnancy is the effect of taking blood.


Brown sugar contains glucose, fructose and other monosaccharides and glycerol energy substances, which can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and provide energy for cells.


Folic acid and trace substances contained in brown sugar can accelerate blood circulation, increase blood volume, stimulate the body’s hematopoietic function, expand blood volume, and improve local skin nutrition, oxygen, and water supply.


Some of the vitamins and electrolytes contained in brown sugar can balance the water-liquid metabolism of the cell’s internal environment by regulating the concentration of certain substances between tissues, eliminate cell metabolites, and keep the internal and external environment clean.


A variety of vitamins and antioxidants contained in brown sugar can resist free radicals, rebuild and protect the basic structure of cells, and maintain the normal function and metabolism of cells.


The amino acids, cellulose and other substances contained in brown sugar can effectively protect and restore the epidermis, dermis fiber structure and water-holding ability, strengthen skin tissue structure and skin elasticity, and at the same time supplement skin nutrition and promote cell regeneration.

Second, the ingredients: 300 grams of flour, 50 grams of eggs, 20 grams of corn oil, 80 grams of brown sugar, practice 1.

Prepare flour and knead into a smooth dough.

Divide it into about 40 grams, and round it to cover the plastic wrap and relax for 10 minutes.


Mix the filling and mix well.

(Brown sugar and flour) Brown sugar is added to reduce the fluidity of brown sugar.

Squeeze the relaxing agent.

Add the right amount of filling.

Tighten your mouth and round it.

Flatten the dough with your palms.

Preheat the electric baking pan and put in the cake base.

Burn to golden brown on both sides.

Tips 1.

The pan needs to be preheated first, and the hand is close to the pot body, and there is obvious heat feeling, you can put it into the green body.During the process, the lid is covered and heated to make the cake mature quickly.

2, there is no electric cake stall, optional non-stick pan, thick bottom pan.

3, the method of judging whether it is cooked: the two faces are uniform, carefully touch the side, the elasticity is very good, it means that it is cooked, if the rebound is slow, it means that the fire is almost.